Experimenting in 12/8 time.
Not sure where I would go with this jazzy spacey weird riff.

But here's some words anyways...

What am i going to do with this
Does it even have any words?
Mmaybe this is a poetry slam
To deceive you, make you believe, 
that there is such a thing.  
It's real you know.
When you ask that question then there is an answer.
Just one.
A just one, like justice.
The real one for all.
Dont let them deceive you.  
They muddy the waters.
Yours is to ask.
Question authority.
Bring down the unjust laws that hold us.
Stop us from become who we really are.
Don't you think?
That's exactly what they seek, for you not to.
Dont. You.  Think.