i dont wanna get tangled up in the mess
as if to make a point

ok. time for a little of the ol' freewrite.
nothing to say here people.
just some words
about things and other things.
stuff and the like.

i close my eyes and i let it flow.
so and so they go dontcha know?
take a deep breath if i lose track.
fingers on the board for attack.
just dont stop you gotta let go.
be free of the monkey in your head.
throw a banana.
run the other way
just take a break
shill out
you know you want to
you think about it all daylong
then when the time comes you cant
you just cant stop
but when you have no choice, you dream of something else
you have all kinds of ideas
so many possibilities
there's time now, but you're tired
and you forgot what it was
you'll remember again tomorrow
shortly after your coffee and right after the workday start
it's all like that
all the time
just try to harrness what you need
when you dont want it especially
get it done good or bad
better half hassed than no assed

this might be the trick

this might be the way

do it when you dont want to

not the next day

there is no next day
it is always today.  now.


love,  maynard.