I've always wanted to learn how to make ambient music.  This is my first attempt.
It was inspired by a song on Music to De-Stress by the Arangelos Chamber Ensemble.
Mostly the same except I don't attempt to make any melodies out of it, just liked
the sound of foghorns.  I once road my bike across the Golden Gate Bridge at 4am
on my way to a campsite.  It was foggy and the horns were blasting.  It was a 
moment that has still stuck with me. 

Recorded the ocean sample at Pt Reyes National Seashore.  Thunder sound came from
a rare thunderstorm in my area.  Maybe some day I'll swap out a real foghorn sample,
but I insist on recording that myself so instead this is a synthesized sound. More 
like a soundscape than a song.