Finally: Memory Perfect on Autobus  (Melodics)

Holy smokes.  After weeks of trying to get "Memory Perfect" score on the
song Autobus(in Melodics), I have finally achieved that goal.  The beat 
itself isn't inherently difficult, but the song is 64 bars long at 
121 bpm. You need to hit every note close to exact.  Compounded by the
problem that sometimes e-drums aren't perfect either, a kick can double
trigger sometimes for no reason.  Even though it sounds perfect, Melodics
thinks it was an imperfection on your part.  But alas, I'm past this now.
Whew!  Every day for weeks I've been working on this one.  Hat tip to 
you, Autobus!

Now I can move on to obsessing over some other song.  My drum skill hit a
wall at Grade 7 Rock so I decided to go back to the easier songs but play
them perfectly.  Autobus puts me at Grade 5 in the Memory Perfect category.

We'll see if that will help me break the Grade 7 wall or not.  Either way,
I'm happy to get to work on other songs now.