I Love Melodics (melodics.com)

I'm on a 75 day streak with drums and I'm considering picking up a piano. It's
strange to think that gameification works on me but I guess it does.  Whatever 
happens in the day, I always make sure I practice my drums, at least 5 minutes.
It's not much. But it often ends up more. That's how they getcha.

Recently, I've finished reading Basic Music Theory by Jonathan Harnum.  It was
my third reading and I decided the next step in my musical journey is going to
be piano.  It makes the most sense.  I'm already very familiar with guitar and
bass.  I've mulled over a lot of other instruments: clarinet, flute, sax.  But
they're all monophonic.  And I think to really understand music theory deeply,
a piano is key (ka-chow!).  No really, it's the next logical step.  Anyone can
play it, as in, just press a key right?  Even a child can play it and have fun.
And to explore intervals and chord progressions, it's all right there in front
of you, especially in the key of C.  Brilliant.

Luckily, Melodics also has piano lessons.  The fact the drums have been a 
smashing success, I can only imagine that piano would be the same.

I'm going to try it.  Probably picking up a Yamaha P-125 if I don't chicken 
out.  It's kind of a lotta pasta for someone who rotates interest regularly.
Once I learn something, I tend move on to something else.  Always learning.
Maybe the piano can keep me busy for a time.

We'll see....