Spaghetti Code

Seems appropriate that I took this picture walking in to work.  I'm regretting
my choice of career lately.  Realizing how much I prefer environments that are
clean and structured.  Unfortunately, everything I've ever had to touch in 
any IT company has been a complete mess.  My current position has me maintaining
hundreds of web applications on dozens of servers talking to hundreds more
databases that were built by long-gone cowboys going back a couple decades.
It's too big to clean up, and there's too many future projects coming.  It 
will only continue to get much worse.  When I was younger I would joke that
working in IT was like being on Fear Factory, a show where candidates competed
for how many gross things they could eat.  It was a funny schtick back then, 
we'd ask each other how long do you think we can last here, doing this horrifying
job?  These days I often dream of the most fun job I ever had: manufacturing 
at a biotech plant.  Working with heavy machinery was fantastic, but aside from
that, the whole process was well documented.  Everything needed to be done in
orderly steps, carried out with high precision, and signed off.  
That's where I want to be now.  

I think I'm just getting too old and grumpy for the nonsense.